About Us

The company was set up to help the UK meet the increasing urgency and demands accessing environmentally friendly ways of producing energy.

We offer solar systems that best suit the needs of houses, factories, and large commercial installations, so single and 3 phase systems, large and small. We help you save money and reduce carbon emissions at the same time, so it’s a win for you and a win for the planet.

Our aim is to work with leading manufactures of these technologies and distribute their products throughout the UK. Working directly with the manufacturer allows us to offer their products at competitive prices to the trade.

We want to make it easy for trade customers to work with us, as such we can deliver the goods in one consignment straight from our warehouse to your customer wherever they are in the UK.

We are helping the UK reach it C02 emission goals, which in turn helps save the Planet by supporting the UK by increasing its use of renewable power generation.

Help Solar Futures Limited save the planet, apply for a trade account today and help Save the Planet.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to supply high quality solar products to the market at competitive prices to
enable everyone to have solar systems at home or their place of work.

Our Vision

Our vision is for all houses and all commercial buildings to be able take advantage of solar and wind energy, see large battery banks storing solar energy to power cities at night times, so we can all live in a cleaner environment and have a sustainable planet for our children’s future.