550 watt solar panel

  • MBB and half-cell technology applied functions to improve energy density and bring
  • higher output power.
  • Products of this series passed salt spray and ammonia corrosion test certified by TUV.
  • The panel is certified for wind load of 2400 Pa and snow load of 5400 Pa.
  • Attenuation in the first year is less than 2.5%, and the linear attenuation is 0.55% per year within 25 years.
  • New generation battery technology and optimized circuit design secures to obtain better temperature coefficient and Hot Spot Resistance.
  • MBB technology adopted secures a stronger performance against Micro Cracking and grid breaking.
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Electrical Data(STC)
Maximum Power Pmax/w 550
Open Circuit Voltage Voc/V 49.83
Short Circuit Current Isc/A 13.80
Voltage at Maximum Power Vmp/V 41.31
Current at Maximum Power Imp/A 13.32
Module Efficiency % 21.28
Operating Temperature -40°C~+85°C
Maximum System Votage 1000/1500V
Electrical Data(NMOT)
Maximum Power Pmax/W 412
Open Circuit Voc/V 45.85
Open Circuit Current Isc/A 11.53
Voltage at Maximum Power Vmp/V 38.05
Current at Maximum Power Imp/A 10.83
Mechanical Data
Cell Type 182*91mm Mono
Cell Orientation 144(6*24)
Module Dimensions 2279*1134*35mm
Weight 29.0kg
Glass 3.2mm high transmittance, reinforced glass
Backsheet Anti-aging film
Frame Material Anodized aluminum alloy
Junction Box Protection calss IP68
Cable 4.0 mm² positive pole: 250mm, negative pole: 300mm,, wire length can be customized.
Connector MC4 compatible connector



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