Hoenergy All in one ESS System

  • Safe & Reliable
    LiFePO4 battery cell, comply with IEC/UL/GB standard;
    Advanced battery safety management system, multi-sampling point coverage, real-time data feedback;
    Three-level fire protection, much safer.
  • Integrated design
    AC & DC cabinet can be independently designed;
    Small footprint, plug and play, easy to install and maintain;
    IP54 protection grade, Meet multi-scenario applications.
  • Intelligent & friendly
    BEMS dual. channel integrated design, more stable;
    Digital system, rapid diagnosis, support remote monitoring;
    VPP node design can respond to third. party platform scheduling.
  • Multi-scenario application
    0.25C and 0.5C free combination;
    Meet Multi-scenario commercial energy storage requirements.
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3.6kW/10.64kWh, 5kW/10.64kWh, 6kW/10.64kWh


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